Ambassador Search


Thank you so much for your interest in joining our community as an ambassador! We're excited to look for ambassadors to help us grow Pet Musings so we're able to help many more animals and support more small makers and businesses. Ambassadors (or Pet Musings Models and Muses as we like to call them) love our curated products, support the mission of the company, and want to shout about it from the rooftop! As a Pet Musings ambassador, you'll be helping animals in need and be a part of a small business dream!


We're looking for: 
  • kind, fun, and positive voices 
  • active accounts in the US that post and interact regularly
  • 2-3 month term commitment 
We would love our ambassadors to: 
  • make one purchase during their term
  • post 1 post or share 1 story a week with any Pet Musings (can just be sharing one or our posts each week) and tag us
  • actively interact with (like, comment, share) and support Pet Musings on Instagram
  • be active in our group chat
  • be our handsome and beautiful models - share unedited photos with us to use and share for our social media and marketing efforts where we'll tag you

As an ambassador, you'll enjoy: 

  • 20% off personal purchases
  • 10% offer code for your friends, family, & followers
  • early access to some of our new products
  • ability to help influence our brand and which new products Pet Musings will offer

My ambassadors agree to not share any information regarding my processes, practices, ideas, or sources. If you want to start a similar business, that's awesome but please do not join my ambassador program.

If all of this sounds wonderful to you, fill out the form below to tell us a little bit about your pet. We'll reach out if we think it could be a good fit! If you don't hear back from us this time, we still thank you for your support and hope to be a part of spoiling your best friend!