See How You've Helped

thank you image with girl volunteering with dog and cat

With your purchases and support, here are the absolutely amazing rescues and shelters we've had the honor of helping so far. 

Part of every purchase at Pet Musings is used to donate supplies to a different rescue each month. Our goals are to help as many rescues and shelters as we can and spread awareness about them and their adoptable animals. If you know of a rescue or shelter you'd like for us to help, we'd love to hear about them here.

August 2020 - Nashville Metro Animal Care and Control - Nashville, TN

Donated 6 reversible "Adopt Me" and "I'm Adopted" bandanas for the shelter dogs and cats

September & October 2020 - Old Dog Home - Conyers, GA

Donated $31 to help their efforts to rescue senior dogs

November & December 2020 - Sunshine Bridge Animal Rescue - Brentwood, TN

Donated $70

Forever Love Rescue at Kitty Corner Gettysburg - Gettysburg, PA

Donated $70

January & February 2021 - Wags and Walks Nashville - Nashville, TN

Donated 6 puppy teething rings and 6 dental chew/chew toys

Nashville Cat Rescue - Nashville, TN

Donated 48 cans of wet kitten and cat food 

March 2021 - Saving Hope Rescue - Fort Worth, TX

Donated 3 bags of cat food and 1 box of dog wormer

April 2021 - Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary

Donated 2 Joint MAX Triple Strength Hypo-Allergenic Soft Chews for Dogs - Hip and Joint Support Supplement

May 2021 - Big Dog Ranch Rescue

Donated 5 packs (60 cans!) of Purina Pro Plan Puppy Food 

June 2021 - New Leash on Life 

Donated 48 cans of kitten food

Animal House - Second Chance program

Donated $50

Safpaw Outreach and Animal Rescue

Donated dog mom mug, bag of treats and 2 bandanas to silent auction 

July 2021 - Dumb Friends League - Denver

Donated 100 extra large pee pads

August 2021 - Safpaw Outreach and Animal Rescue

Donated 60lbs of dog food 

September 2021 - Rebellion Dog Rescue

donated 82.5lbs of dog food 

October 2021 - Big Fluffy Dog Rescue

donated 36 collars

November 2021 - Nash East Can

donated 24 jars of peanut butter, 17 boxes of treats, and 12 cans of spray cheese

December 2021 - Nashville Pittie

donated $200

January 2022 - Roscoe Rescues

donated dog treats and collars

February 2022 - Agape Animal Rescue and Training

donated 31lbs of dog food

March 2022 - Crossroads Pets

donated pill pockets, training treats, cat treats, and peanut butter

April 2022 - Pawster Nashville

donated dog shampoo, dog bowls, and cat scratchers

May 2022 - Proverbs 12:10 Animal Rescue

donated dog treats and cans of dog food

June 2022 - Snooty Giggles

donated supplements for forever fosters - 

Super Snooty forever fosters are dogs in our program who have extensive medical or special needs.

July 2022 - Critter Cavalry

donated 22 3-pack nylon chew toys

August 2022 - Saving Stevie

donated cat food, pee pads

September 2022 - True Rescue

donated 30 cans of cat food

October 2022 - Lucky Farms Animal Rescue

donated dog join supplement chews, salmon and pollock oil, and elevated bed

November 2022 - Giving Tuesday

donated to: 

  1. South Florida beagle rescue
  2. SOAR
  3. Proverbs 12:10
  4. Dickson County Humane Society
  5. NHA
  6. MACC/Friends of MACC
  7. Sunshine Bridge 
  8. Lucky farms 
  9. Bonaparte’s Retreat
  10. Snooty Giggles
  11. Agape 
  12. Nashville cat
  13. Saving Stevie
  14. Old Friends
  15. Pawster
  16. Crossroads
  17. Roscoe Rescues
  18. Rebellion Dog Rescue
  19. Nash East Can
  20. Nashville Pittie
  21. Critter Cavalry
  22. New Leash on Life
  23. Wags & Walks 
  24. Big Fluffy Dog Rescue
  25. RARE rescue
  26. CASA Transport

December 2022 - Adopt a Golden Nashville

Donated collars and leashes